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  • Plantation

    Plant Trees to Plan Livehood
  • Tree Transplantation

    We build new home for Trees
  • Tree Ambulance

    We care for Trees,It's precious.
  • Tree Transplanter

    We Shift Tree to its New Home.

Save Trees &Breathe Easy.

Go Green...There is no PLANet B!

"SASA Enviro and Agrotech Private Limited is a leader in the arena of environmental sustainability, working to create a better tomorrow."


Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation is need of the hour which should be done in large scale to counterbalance the loss o..

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Tree Transplantation

Grown Trees are priceless assets to the environment and human beings, being the ..

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Restoration Of Uprooted Trees

Natural disasters like tsunamis, storms and floods damage trees. Saving those matured trees is vital..

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Maintenance Of Trees

Trees need regular maintenance to ensure their long term health and safety in our landscapes. One of..

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Survey Of Trees

Tree surveys are conducted for the purpose of building and construction and can be important in both..

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Native Seed Bank

Seed banks protect and save plant genetic diversity, which is important for several reasons. These s..

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Seed Balls

Seed Balls also known as Earth Balls consists of variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of ..

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Carbon Tax Audits

With an increasing focus on environmental protection, carbon tax is considered to provid..

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Green Cover Audits

Green audits are a benchmark for environmental diversity and proper plan..

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Tree Insurance

Trees are living beings too and we offer comprehensive insurance for trees as well as ..

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Borewell Charger

Excessive drilling of borewells depletes groundwater and also causes water to go saline. Furth..

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Mud House Construction

Mud houses are beneficial to both environment and humans. It offers better insulation a..

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Bamboo World

Bamboo is an aesthetically pleasing, economically rewarding and environmentally benefici..

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Waste Management

Waste management includes the activities and actions required to manage waste f rom its incep..

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Energy Storage

Switching to solar energy is a greener way, but storing the captured energy in conventiona..

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Tree Ambulance

The Tree Ambulance is a unique concept to nurture the environment, attend to trees affecte..

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Tree Spade

Tree Spade is a multi-blade equipment that used to uproot the tree smoothly with its mother ..

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Hydroponics is a type of hi-tech farming where an aque-ous solution is used to grow certain plants. ..

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Aquaponics is a form of food production where nutri-ent-rich aquaculture water is fe..

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Aeroponics refers to the process of growing vegetation without soil. The roots are suspended..

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Greenhouses are places with regulated climatic condi-tions with roof and walls being construct..

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Miyawaki Forest

The Miyawaki is a technique pioneered by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki and helps build dense nati..

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Environment Education

There is an urgent need to raise environmental awareness and ensure that human activ..

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Disaster Management

Government and nodal agencies are often overwhelmed during times of disaster. SASA capably r..

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