Tree Spade is a multi-blade equipment that is used to uproot the tree smoothly with its mother soil and surrounding roots up to a certain distance. We offer manual and hydraulic tree spades to individuals and organizations. Tree spades are used to lift the trees with a girth up to 60 cm.

Tree Transplanter

Our specialized truck-mounted tree transplanter, is a game-changer for relocating large trees safely and efficiently which moves mature trees to enhance your landscape. Our advanced technology and experienced team ensure a seamless transplanting process, preserving the natural beauty of your environment. Tree transplanters are used to lift trees with girth up to 110 cm.

we also manufacture, supply, and maintain tree spades and tree transplanters for organizations that seek to engage in the tree transplantation process.

First ever in the World a unique state-of-art to nurture the environment, Tree Ambulance is equipped with all modern tools and equipment serviced by competent personnel. We also undertake afforestation/plantation establishment, tree transplantation, gardening, landscaping, maintenance service, organic farming and environmental education with our tree ambulance in Urban and forest segments as well.
Tree Ambulance® Urban has more than 70 tools and equipment that help to assist urban requirements and also Tree Ambulance® Forest is equipped with more than 60 tools and equipment, especially for forest applications.

Tree Tracker is an innovative and robust product built with the single aim of tracking trees. Tree Tracker is embedded with Geotagging, cloud storage & RFID technologies, GPS and it can generate customized infographic reports. Helps urban policymakers and planners, protect trees that are rare or of High value, prevents illegal logging and deforestation. Our advanced technology and intuitive interface empower you to monitor and manage your trees efficiently.

Seed Balls also known as Earth Balls consists of variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of claywhich is used to replant areas where the natural flora has been destroyed. We will help in preparation, preservation and distribution of Seed Balls to the community. We organize community services for the same in schools and colleges.

Elevate your spaces and foster a greener environment with our vibrant plants. Show your appreciation with living gifts that promote a sustainable lifestyle. Choose from a variety of plants to make your event memorable and eco-friendly. “Enhance your corporate events and other celebrations with our lush green gifts. Go green and grow with us!”


Seed banks protect and save plant genetic diversity, which is important for several reasons. These saved and viable seeds contain a treasure trove of useful genes that breeders can use for developing improved varieties of major food crops. We will support in developing and maintenance of Native Seed Banks.