Tree Plantation is need of the hour which should be done in large scale to counterbalance the loss of trees due to rapid urbanization and natural calamities. We are well equipped and trained to carry out both small and large scale tree plantation anywhere in India. We have a trained task force whose efforts are supplemented by volunteer base spread all over India.  Our experience has given us methods to accelerate tree growth through efficient service delivery. 

Grown Trees are priceless assets to the environment and human beings, being the lungs of planet earth. SASA ensures that trees in various growth stages are not lost to development initiatives by undertaking transplanting activities.

With the experience of transplanting over 8000 trees, we capably undertake complex operations with the right people, process and equipment. Our operations are planned precisely and executed swiftly. We can handle transplantation activities at any time of the year. Excellent after care and nurturing ensure a high survival rate.

Trees need regular maintenance to ensure their long term health and safety in our landscapes. One of the aspects of commercial tree service is tree pruning and trimming. Properly pruned trees live longer and retain a pleasing, natural appearance, impacting the impression of the observer. We help you preserve your commercial tree investment through comprehensive plant health care, including regular monitoring services.

The Miyawaki is a technique pioneered by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki and helps build dense native forests. The plant growth is 10 times faster, and the resulting plantation is 30 times denser than usual. SASA’s expertise lies in identifying the species native to the area, plantation, maintenance and handover to the relevant personnel.

Green audits are a benchmark for environmental diversity and proper plans, policies and management are required to achieve value. SASA helps companies navigate this front with consultancy in implementing changes and quantifying cost savings among others.

With an increasing focus on environmental protection, carbon tax is considered to provide the most effective way to curb climate change. SASA undertakes carbon tax audits, provides consultancy and offers a full suite of services to measure carbon emissions and achieve government benefits.

Aquaponics is a form of food production where nutrient rich aquaculture water is fed to hydroponically grown plants. Aquaculture combined with hydroponics thus reduces the need for fertilizers and other chemicals.

Aeroponics refers to the process of growing vegetation without soil. The roots are suspended in mist and air, and thus they receive oxygen 24 × 7.

Bamboo is an aesthetically pleasing, economically rewarding and environmentally beneficial grass. Bamboo captures carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen 30% more than trees of equivalent size. SASA undertakes efforts to popularize bamboo cultivation, helps with setting up bamboo plantations and marketing bamboo handicrafts.

“Discover the power of data driven tree management with our comprehensive tree census services. We meticulously assess and document every tree, delivering valuable insights for informed decision making. Our skilled team uses cloud storage, RFID technologies, and GPS to provide accurate counts, species identification, health assessments, and exact location with real time images. Ensure the well-being of your urban forest with our professional tree census solutions, preserving nature and enhancing sustainability.”

Natural disasters like tsunamis, storms and floods damage trees. Saving those matured trees is vital to the environment. There are six main types of damage to trees. Each type is the result of a complex and interactive mix of tree problems and climate. Tree ambulance aids in treatment and plantation of damaged trees after careful assessment.

There is an urgent need to raise environmental awareness and ensure that human activities cause minimal or no impact to achieve a sustainable future. With this vision in mind, SASA designs and implements several environmental education initiatives across all age groups. Our focus areas include youth and corporates, and we conduct awareness programs and drives to spread the message and make people a part of the positive change we are trying to achieve.

Government and nodal agencies are often overwhelmed during times of disaster. SASA capably rises to such challenges to supplement efforts and we offer a two prolonged approach to disaster management
SASA enables general training to ensure more people can support and act as volunteers. We also supply equipment to the affected site.
Knowledge of disaster management and first response is vital to ensure quick action. Considering this, we undertake training sessions for corporates, civil society unions, NGOs and the general public.

Trees are living beings too and we offer comprehensive insurance for trees as well as arborists, tree care professionals and other competent personnel. We offer flexible packages, comprehensive proposals and cover based on need and requirements.

Excessive drilling of borewells depletes groundwater and also causes water to go saline. Further, open and dry borewells are a hazard to humans and livestock. SASA offers scientific, tested and proven methods of recharging borewells that tap intermediate layers of aquifers, as well as undertaking direct recharge methods.

Waste management includes the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. SASA undertakes and offers comprehensive waste management solutions, including collection, segregation, recycling, safe disposal, waste management consultancy and process management, monitoring and regulatory compliance.

Switching to solar energy is a greener way, but storing the captured energy in conventional fuel cells does not support the environment. Conventional batteries use harmful metals like mercury, cadmium and lead, which contaminate the water and soil. SASA’s energy storage solutions include a capacitor-based charge and discharge mechanism, thereby eliminating any adverse environmental footprint.

Mud houses are beneficial to both environment and humans. It offers better insulation and causes a lesser environmental impact during construction than steel and concrete structures. SASA undertakes the construction of mud houses by engaging experienced professionals with a special focus on empowering the local population. Well planned and built mud houses are not only cost-effective to construct but also easy to maintain while offering the same function and protection as concrete houses.

“Greenhouses are places with regulated climatic conditions with roof and walls being constructed of glass or a transparent material like plastic sheets.
SASA brings consultancy and implementation expertise with all of the above and ensures project success. SASA also helps with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of greenhouses and offers technical know-how to improve yields and attain commercial success.

“Transform special occasions into unforgettable moments with our bespoke plantation service. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and more with the gift of nature. Choose from a diverse selection of plants and create lasting memories with our green event solutions. Let’s make every event a breath of fresh air!”

“Elevate your outdoor space with our expert landscape and gardening services. Our dedicated team brings your green vision to life, from design to maintenance. We specialize in creating stunning gardens, lush lawns, and inspiring landscapes. Let us enhance your property’s beauty and value, while you sit back and enjoy the natural splendor. Experience the artistry of nature with our top-notch services.”